Massachusetts-based nonprofit, Medical Missions for Children, and the San Francisco-based Hellman Foundation have partnered to send Google Chromebooks to medical students at the new Medical College of the Institut Superieur Pedagogique de Gitwe (ISPG) in Rwanda, Africa. For several years, the Hellman Foundation has served as a strategic partner for Medical Missions for Children and the Gitwe Hospital.  During the past three years, the Hellman Foundation has expanded its philanthropy to support the new Medical College.  The current project will compliment broader initiatives in Gitwe and as Mission Team leader Andrew Patterson explains “The ultimate goal is to empower Rwandan health care workers in providing more effective medical care in a resource-limited environment.”

The Chromebooks being provided will allow medical students at ISPG to access online textbooks, take tests via Google form, and expandtheir resources exponentially. Additionally, the team installed a wireless computer system which allows access to educational content even wheninternet access is disrupted. To further maximize efficiency, the technology director at ISPG, traveled to California to receive training at both Stanford University as well as Google headquarters. The Hellman Foundation The Hellman Foundation is a private foundation established in 2011. Our approach to giving is rooted in the belief that philanthropy has an important role to play in solving problems and improving the well-being of our communities. We also believe that foundations have a responsibility to do their homework, assuming this role with integrity and intelligence. At the Hellman Foundation, we take this responsibility seriously. Since its founding, the Foundation has awarded over $25 million in grants. Medical Missions for Children (MMFC) Founded 24 years ago, MMFC began by traveling to one country and helping a handful of children.

Today, MMFC conducts close to 20 missions a year, operating on over 25,000 children and providing dental care for more than 50,000. Medical Mission’s network of close to 350 volunteer doctors, dentists and nurses travel to hard-to-reach areas, which typically do not have any healthcare infrastructure and perform free medical procedures which resolve health complications, speech impediments, and most importantly brings a better standard of living and happiness to the children and their families. The children who receive these surgeries are given the opportunity to stay in school and become productive members of the community. To learn more about the work that

Medical Missions does visit or call us at (508) 697-5821.