Gitwe, Rwanda | May 2018

Medical teams from MMFC and the University of Nebraska arrived in Rwanda with two large vans filled with 17 volunteers and nearly 30 large suitcases of supplies and equipment. After arriving in Gitwe,  Rwanda, the team screened nearly 80 patients for surgery and completed 33 total procedures over the course of the week. Patients, hospital staff, and local Gitwe residents were incredibly welcoming and gracious to the whole MMFC team; many were quick to share smiles, hugs, and handshakes throughout the trip.

A highlight of the mission was when Ntirandeka Saaock, a Gitwe patient, who had his thyroid removed in 2017, visited the team at the hospital. Life has surely improved since his procedure. He is an incredible singer and could barely manage to sing with his thyroid issues. Since his procedure he can “sing and sing” all day long. He was so happy to receive surgery and wanted to come say hello and thank the medical staff for their work.  

Patients like 69 year old Mukanbenasebeya Lydia (pictured below) travelled long distances by foot to receive thyroid surgeries that drastically improve their quality of life.

The team is looking forwarded to returning in 2019!