Quito, Ecuador | September 30 – October 8, 2017

About The Mission

This year marked the nineteenth mission in Quito, Ecuador. The MMFC team saw a number of new patients as well as repeat patients for follow up surgeries. They screened over 75 medical and 20 dental patients, conducted 46 surgeries, and provided dental care to 16 special needs patients. It’s amazing to see the impact MMFC has had over the course of the week, let alone nineteen years. The children and families of Ecuador along with MMFC doctors, nurses, volunteers, and staff are grateful to the Alvarez, Dassum, and Barrera families for their continued support of the Quito mission since 1998.

Family Returns, October 3, 2017

Jefferson Parco Guadalupe (Age 15)

First featured in 2014, Jefferson returned to MMFC this year for his 5th surgery.  He has been coming since he was 3 months old. Over the years, Jefferson has returned as has his sister, Keila.  Magali Guadalupe, their mother, makes the 5 hour bus trip, 1 hour taxi ride with one or both of the children each year from their home town of Napo.  She appreciates and relies on the medical support she has received from MMFC for her children.  The veteran surgeons and nurses working the mission enjoy seeing the steady progress of both children!