Hope – Rwanda Thyroid Patient

For the first time in many years, Esperance can finally sleep without a large 3.6 pound ball crushing her esophagus. Her goiter has been growing in her neck for over 20 years. This beautiful Wednesday morning in Gitwe, MMFC had the pleasure of checking in with Esperance to see how she was feeling and healing. Many of the patients who come to get thyroid surgery travel over a day by bus and foot to get to the Gitwe hospital for a chance at surgery. The majority of the patients are women, like Esperance, but there are also some men.

When asked how her large growth affected her productivity, she said it made her feel tired and caused her headaches, neck aches, and shoulder aches. She had trouble sleeping at night, since it felt like she was being choked by this massive goiter. The goiter also made her labor much more difficult, having to take many breaks while farming. Since the lifestyle is mainly agriculture for self sustenance as well as trading and selling, being unable to work or having low productivity severely affects the patient’s lives.

Esperance is one of the many whose life has been changed on this trip. She is extremely pleased with the result of her surgery. Take a look for yourself at the before and after images!

-Yuleissy Ramirez