Antigua, Guatemala | June 25 – July 2, 2016

June 25-July 2, 2016: Our team of volunteer doctors, nurses, and administrators returned to Antigua for another week of cleft surgeries and dental care. By the end of the mission, the MMFC team had completed 39 cleft surgeries and provided dental care to 25 special needs adults.

Meet mi amigo, Abelito:

Douglas Abel Riveria Huit (“Abelito”) is a 2yr old boy who traveled four hours with his mom to be seen by our MMFC team.  He needed palate surgery and was very scared.

Abelito had previously had his cleft lip repaired by another team, and was here for a palate repair. His grandmother and 4year old sister were at home eagerly awaiting to see him. They were so pleased with the transformation after his lip surgery, and heard that our team could further improve his life by fixing his palate. While nervous, they also had confidence in our MMFC team.  Abelito on the other hand, not so much.  He was scared, shy, and didn’t want to talk to anyone.  So we played with some toys and drew pictures in the pre-op room. And after coloring for a bit, he called me his amiga and gave me a high-five.  His mom told me he likes to be called “Abelito” by friends and family, and I had made it into that circle. The surgeons and nurses took good care of Abelito, just as they did with each and every patient. It’s amazing to watch them work and witness their dedication and care to each child. This is a team that goes over and above to improve the lives of others.