Quito, Ecuador | October 18-26, 2014

This year marked the sixteenth mission in Quito, Ecuador. During the “sweet 16” mission, the MMFC team saw a number of new and repeat patients for follow up surgeries. They screened over 145 medical and 50 dental patients, conducted 72 surgeries, provided dental care to 36 special needs patients, and fitted 3 children with hearing aids. It’s amazing to see the impact MMFC has over the course of the week, let alone sixteen years. The children and families of Ecuador along with MMFC doctors, nurses, volunteers, and staff are grateful to the Alvarez, Dassum, and Barrera families for their continued support of the Quito mission since 1998.

Meet some of this year’s patients…

Jefferson Parco Guadalupe (12 yr) & Keila Valeria Alvarado Guadalupe (4 yr)

A brother and sister returned to MMFC this year, both for lip surgery. Over the years, Jefferson has had 5 surgeries and Keila has had 3. They traveled over 5 hours from their home town of Napo to be seen by the MMFC doctors. After seeing how the MMFC team was able to help Jefferson, their mother was not worried once Keila was born with the same deformities as her brother. Jefferson, Keila and their family are grateful for the care provided by MMFC which has allowed them to be accepted within their society. Without MMFC, neither child would have received the surgeries they needed.

Esteban Issac Quimbita Pucha (2 yr)

During this mission, Esteban had surgery to repair his lip. MMFC had also operated on his palate during a previous mission. When Esteban was born, his mom was scared when she first saw his cleft lip and palate deformities. It was something she had never experienced before with her other child. After seeing that MMFC could treat his condition, his mother was relieved. She and her family are grateful to MMFC for bringing a smile to Esteban’s face. They are thankful to the team of doctors and nurses for returning each year to provide care for her son and many other children in Ecuador.

Robert Alexander Tipan Masabanda (9 yr)

Robert is another patient that has received various care from MMFC over the years. This year, Robert had another surgery to repair his lip along with a tooth extraction. He was also one of the children who was fitted with hearing adds during this mission. Robert and his mother have gotten to know the doctors and nurses over the years and are appreciative for the consistent and quality care they’ve received.