Danshui, China|Oct 25-Nov 2, 2013

From October 25-November 2, 2013, MMFC Chairman Dr. Dennis Snyder led MMFC’s third annual mission to Danshui, China. This is one of MMFC’s smallest teams, with just 7 doctors and nurses traveling from the US to perform free cleft surgeries. Despite its small size, MMFC’s mission to China was nothing short of a success. The team screened 57 patients, completed 28 cleft lip repairs, 6 cleft palate repairs, and provided dental care to 35 children and young adults.

One of these patients was a girl from Hui Yang Town named Zhao Yong Feng. After she received surgery to fix her cleft palate, the MMFC team received the following letter from her father.


Dear Honorable Hui Yang hospital leader, Honorable MMFC China team, Honorable Local Women’s Federation, Hong Kong Volunteer Team and all other people who worked to support the China mission:

I am from a very poor family in Hui Yang Town, China. I have a daughter. Her name is Zhao Yuan Cheng.  She was born with a cleft palate.  She could never speak very well, and because of my family’s financial situation, we could not afford the surgery to help her.  The mission presented my family with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for my daughter to have the corrective surgery. The surgery was very successful.

I thank everyone to whom this letter is addressed from the bottom of my heart.  While my daughter was in the hospital, everyone in the hospital ward took such great care of her. I cannot thank them enough.   The medical team from both China and the US showed me that love is boundless.  I do not know how to express my gratitude.  I can only thank you over and over again.

This surgery changed not only the life of my daughter, but our entire family.  I hope MMFC will continue to work in China to carry out this wonderful mission–providing life-changing surgery for the most vulnerable, poor and voiceless.

My best wishes for all of you good-hearted people.  May you enjoy good health and every success.  According to a Chinese Buddhist saying:  Good–hearted people are on the path to Goodness and Light.


The father of Yong Feng

October 31, 2013


MMFC extends sincere thanks to its donors and volunteers for their continued support and dedication, and to the Hui Yang Peoples Hospital for graciously opening its doors and allowing MMFC to complete another successful mission.