Cleft, Microtia, Dental Mission Antigua, Guatemala |Jan, 2013

In January, Dr. Noah Siegel led a 23-member volunteer team to work at the Hermano Pedro Hospital in Antigua, Guatemala. This experienced and highly skilled team ran four operating rooms for five days completing 65 surgical procedures in total, including 37 cleft lips and palates, 24 microtia surgeries and 4 other procedures. The MMFC dental team provided dental care to 65 patients. Over 200 children were screened in preparation for and during the mission.  Special thanks to our outstanding in-country team: Dr.Guillermo Gaitan, Padre, Odra and Anabela. It is a privilege to work with you every year on behalf of the children in Guatemala who would otherwise have no access to this medical care. Finally, a shout out to Terry Calvillo, Bethany Anderson, RN, Natalie Harris, RN and Xiomara who worked together to ensure that all of MMFC’s equipment and supplies reached their destination prior to the start of the mission – no small feat!

Dr. Siegel, all of us at MMFC and most particularly, the children and families of Guatemala who so desperately needed our surgical intervention – and who now have an opportunity to live healthy and dignified lives, want to express our sincere gratitude to the Lefkofsky Family Foundation for sponsoring this mission. The reverberations from your commitment and generosity will affect generations to come, and our respect cannot be overstated.

Until 2014.