Cleft Mission Danshui, China |Oct 28-Nov 5, 2011

MMFC’s second annual mission to Huiyang People’s Hospital (HPH)  in Danshui, Huizhou City, Huiyang District, Guangdong China  can only be described as superb. MMFC’s 8 member volunteer surgical team screened 44 patients and performed 26 cleft surgeries during this 5 surgical day 1 Operating Room mission.

During this mission, MMFC and HPH also held their Second Annual Surgical and Educational Forum on Congenital Facial Deformities. Over 300 medical professionals attended this well-received seminar.  Dr. Gary Ruggera and Dr. Marc Ehrenpreis presented a lecture on Pediatric Anesthesia – Modern Practice and Methods. They also presented a general lecture and then a series of smaller hand-on workshops on the use of Glidescope as there is one on-site at HPH.  Dr. H. Dennis Snyder presented two general lectures, one on burns and the other on cleft deformities. Dr. Snyder was then joined by Dr. Russell Shu and they jointly presented lectures on operative care for cleft lip and cleft palate patients. Drs. Snyder and Shu also worked directly in the OR with surgeons from HPH.

MMFC extends its deepest appreciation to Suzanne Kavanagh, Julia Yung, Dr. Leo Chen, Dr. Abbie Chen, Peter Chen, Dr. Chen (Dean and Hospital President), Dr. Andy Ho, Alex Li, Shirlet Ng, the Tseng Family (Ricky, Lily, Tony, Thomas and Jennifer), Dr. Chen (Anesthesia Chief), Dr. Leo Chen (Surgeon), Cindy, Huiyang Women’s Federation, and all local government officials.

MMFC is humbled to have received an invitation to return to HCP for a third consecutive year in 2012.